5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media
5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media. Your duties do not over when you have established your own business. That is the time when you will actually realize that your duties have multiplied. With setting up your own business, comes a lot of responsibilities. You might have thought during the startup that your duties will end up. But now when you are running your own business, not only your own responsibility, but you have the companies responsibilities on your head. Remember the time when you just have to fulfill your own need, that was the time when you use to survive with less salary also.

Now your life is taking some good twists and turns. Fortunately, you have built up your own business. My friend, setting up a business is not a great challenge rather than maintaining it. From time to time you have adapted some of the techniques to survive in the market. Or, to grow to the next level. the business that is not only important for you but also for your family and your employees. So to make it grow to another level you to adopt some of the digital marketing techniques. Or, I should know some tips to grow your business using Social Media.

Social Media, is used by many of the young generation today. Or, I must not say young generation but every generation. You must have seen starting from your grandparents to your little siblings all are on the social media network. The social media is becoming so famous that as soon as a child is born. His account is made of the social media’s like Facebook. Social media is the latest trend in 2018. Believe it or not, but it is true. So this can become a great way attract a lot of traffic towards your business.

Building your own business website is not the only thing that is enough to popularize your business on the internet. But, social media is another way to attract a lot of business.

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So without much more talking. Let’s dig into the topic of 5 tips to grow your Business using Social media:

15 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media: Consistency :

It is the first and the most important tip to grow your business using social media. If you are using a particular social media platform to post about your work, then make a plan first. Plan for the number of posts you are going to post every day or how often you are going to post. You can post daily or monthly according to your wish. But being consistent is important. You cannot be irregular while promoting your business. This is the factor that will decide if your business is going to grow or not. This one of the most important 5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

2Social networking:

You might be liking a particular social network like Facebook. But the liking is not always similar to all the persons. It might happen that a thing that you might like may not be liked by the other people. so what you have to do is you have to keep your business updated on all the social networks. Whether it is facebook, twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn you have to promote your business on every social media network. This is one of my 5 tips to grow your Business using social media.

3Different content on different platforms:

For example, you are posting about the same business of fitness on different platforms. You have to be creative or optimize when we talk about posting content. The content posted on different platforms should be different. Do not stick to the same content everywhere. On Facebook post some short videos regarding your business or some short posts. On Instagram, post some pictures where on LinkedIn post the long articles. So, in short, all I want to say is that write creatively and uniquely.

4Youtube marketing:

You can also grow your business online with a Youtube platform. You can make your business youtube videos and you can post them. If a number of people get attracted to your video then there are two things that will happen. Number one the target to attract people and in turn growing the business using Social media will meet. The second one is that if the views will increase a certain limit then you will start getting a cheque from Youtube. This will act as the side business for you. Promoting the business will give you extra money.

5Stay truthful to your business:

The most frequent question that I hear from the business owners is that, what are the things that I should be posting regarding my business? The answer is just simple. Yes, the answer is simplicity and truthfulness. Be always simple and always write the truth about the business. And, if you are faking then there are chances that your customers will judge you and will stop buying anything from you. You should follow the ratio of 80:20 while posting. You should devote 80% of your time in selling products, focusing on your content, business, targeting audience and also focusing on other messages.

20% of your time should be devoted towards your services, products, offers, discounts and related things.  If you will not focus much on sales, then you will attract a number of people, this will help them interact with your company and your products more. Let us take a real life example, how we treat a salesperson if are often irritated. So by not focusing on the sales part, you are actually attracting people. And, one day or the other the audience is going to pay as well for your services.


The above are my 5 tips to grow your business using social media. Remember that building a new business is not the important part but growing the business to another level is a much more important part. Do not let yourself feel weak or be depressed that you cannot to grow the business. Remember that this is the challenge that will grow your business world. One day you will be proud of yourself when your business will actually grow.


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