8 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

8 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs
8 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

8 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs.Thinking of starting a career as a women entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is really a challenge in itself. Because you cannot depend on any other person for the resources and the money. You are the person that will take care of all your business needs. If you are hiring employees in your company then it is your duty to fulfill the need for those employees. So being an entrepreneur gives you a  lot of responsibility. Because with big things come big responsibility.  So it is a really challenging task for men. But what about the women of our society?

As this is the male dominating society, the women are left with very less great opportunities. So, women entrepreneurs will have to face more challenges than the male. Even, in today’s world when the women have reached the moon, the women are given lesser priority as compared to the men. If you are a woman reading this article, then you will understand what I am talking about. In this world, the people think that a woman is weaker than a man. However in every aspect of life, whether it is making food, doing a job, or working in NASA, women have achieved excellence in every field.

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But, there are some challenges or I should say the 8 problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

18 Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs: Financially weak:

Banks do not want to give a loan to a women candidate. Because they have strong belief that the women leave their business soon. But this is not true in most of the cases. Also, there are often not many properties that are bought on a woman’s name, so they cannot even sell their hidden property to earn money.

The options that left for the woman is that they can borrow the money from their relatives or friends. Either they can give interest for the same, it is totally dependent on the lender’s wish. The second option is that they can save money. This is one of the 8 problems faced by women entrepreneurs.


Unlike man, a woman has lots of work to do at home as well. Either it is cooking, cleaning or washing clothes or dishes, all the things are taken care of women. So she is a homemaker first after that she is an entrepreneur. This challenge is faced by most of the women entrepreneurs that do not let them continue with their business.


The most important challenge or the most important thing to start and let your business grow is the time you devote to the business. If you are not able to spend at least 7 hours on your business, then there are very fewer chances that the business will survive for long. especially, in case of women, when they have to do the homework and the office work at the same time. So they are not able to get enough time to their business. This is mostly a challenge for the women entrepreneurs. Often, men do not have much work to do at home, so they succeed as an entrepreneur in most of the cases.

4Lacking in education:

India is one of those countries where still girls do not go to school. Around 60% of the women population is illiterate. The women do not have much knowledge about the technology, marketing, and social media. This is another challenge that most of women entrepreneurs face. Because most of the women are not educated enough to start their own business. Also, most of the women are uneducated, so this also creates a lack of motivation among women. This, in turn, will make women de-motivated while starting their career as a woman entrepreneur.

5Male dominance:

In India, the men are always treated superior to women, whether it is education, job or even in your home. Women are called Abla Nari in India which means very weak in all aspects of life. Besides, our constitution speaks of the equality of all sexes but still, in reality, no one follows this equality. The male dominance is not the latest trend. It has been practiced since ages. We are following the same old trend that is why today our women are unable to start their career as an entrepreneur. This is one of the 8 problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

6Are not able to take risks:

Most women in India are not self-dependent. They live a very secure life under the roof of their parent’s or their in-law’s house. And, mostly they are less educated and more conservative. With all these things comes the lack of spirit to take the risk to become an entrepreneur. However, an entrepreneur is a self-made person and his journey is full of risks and challenges. Whereas, our women are not born and brought up in such a way that they can take risks. Also, the financial sources are less, that is also a reason that does not allow them to take many risks. This is another major problem out of the 8 problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

7Family first:

A woman of India has to take care of her elders, her children and her husband. After marriage, the woman has to play a lot of roles in her family being a wife, mother and a daughter. In this way, there is very less energy left for the women to do the business-related work.  It becomes very difficult to handle the family and the work at the same time.  There is very less time to devote to a business. However, a startup requires a lot of time that can be devoted to the business. The time is required for research, finding innovative ideas, planning, and many other things.

However, our woman has to do the homework including washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, ironing and the other things that have to be done in a house on the daily basis. And do you think after doing all these things there will be any time left for starting a business or growing it? So the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs are very difficult to tackle.


The women are generally soft at heart as compared to the men. Their emotions often come in between. Either it is home or job, they are mostly emotional many times in different situations of life. However, this emotional attitude has no place in the work environment. we cannot be emotional while doing a deal with our client or hiring a candidate. This is another problem that is mostly faced by women entrepreneurs.


In conclusion, above are the 8 problems faced by women entrepreneurs. I know it will difficult for you to start your career as a woman entrepreneur. Being a woman and facing a male dominating society is a challenge in itself whereas being a women entrepreneur is going to be a lot more challenging. However, it is said that nothing in this world is impossible so will be the journey of a woman entrepreneur. It is difficult but is not impossible. Dedication, focus, hard work and a brilliant idea are the four keys that can help women entrepreneurs to succeed. If you have got all those no power in this world can stop you from being a great woman entrepreneur.


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