How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

How To Become A Certified Yoga teacher
How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor? Yoga is the practice that not only keeps the mind healthy but also it keeps the body healthy. It is often said that the regular practice of yoga can help you to reduce your body’s stress levels. If you are enjoying the benefits of yoga and you want to share these benefits with other people as well, then you should definitely opt for this career as a yoga instructor. With proper certification, you make your passion your career and you can make money from this career.

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Let us quickly jump into this article.

1How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor?: Get training:

You cannot just tell people to learn yoga from you. With a good physique, you will require some certification as well. And to get the certification you need to be trained. To get the training you need to explore the different forms of yoga. The different forms of yoga include Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Bikram and many other forms. You can get classes to identify the form that suits you the most. This is the first and primary steps on how to become a certified yoga instructor.

2Include yoga into your daily life:

You cannot just become a yoga teacher without practicing it. You have to practice the form of yoga you have selected daily to be a master of yoga. If you will do mistake while teaching a student then this will lead to the downfall of your career. So, it is better to be perfect for teaching someone.

3Go search for the place where you are planning to work:

You have to search for a center where you will teach yoga. The yoga certification is not universal, so you will have to work according to the requirement of the center where you are looking for a job. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur than you can also open your own yoga class.

4Find the place from where you will get the certification:

You can contact your local gym trainer or a yoga instructor in the nearby classes to know more about certification courses. You can ask them about the courses they have done or they prefer. Also, you can grab the contact number of the various certification classes and then contact them.

The certification course that you will join will not only teach you the correct yoga postures, preventing any injury but will also education about the complete history of yoga. Yoga Alliance is the national registrars that are based in the USA. They also have a chain of teachers in your area as well.

5Training under certified trainers:

How To Become A Certified Yoga Instructor

Most of the yoga classes require a trainer that has at least 200 hours of practical training of yoga before teaching classes. These are the hours that you will spend with your yoga teacher. You will require a lot of time and dedication to become a yoga instructor.

Also, you need to learn proper first aid and CPR until the time you are certified. Also, in order to train the special group of people like those who are injured or are of different age groups then you should have advanced certification. The advanced certification requires at least 500 hours of training under the trainer.

6Find a yoga teacher job:

You have to find the place where you will work as a yoga teacher. You have to get familiarize with the environment of your new workplace. And, who knows that you find your favorite category of yoga there. Also, do not forget to meet the teachers and the staff there. Do not forget to take your resume and certificate along with you. Ask them if you have to pay any kind of rent to use their studio for teaching yoga there.

7Job application:

Once you submit your resume. You will probably have to fill out the application form that will include a question related to your certification in yoga and your relation with yoga. Also, it can include the form of yoga that you like the most. Many other similar questions can be there in the application form.

8Job interview:

During the interview show your interest in yoga. And, show how your qualities make you fit for this job. Tell them why you have made the decision of making yoga as your career. Also, tell them what you want to do after gaining experience as a yoga teacher.
Also, do not forget to ask if they need any specific help from you to help the yoga center.

9Independent yoga center:

If you want to work independently without any person’s dominance then you can surely open an independent yoga center. You just need to pay for the space that you will use for the yoga center. To have the independent yoga center you have to pay much more. You might have to deposit some amount of renting a studio of your own. Also, you have to be more dedicated and spend a lot of time to make your own yoga center a success. You have to work for 9 am to 5 pm, so it almost includes 8 hours of complete teaching others. In order to accomplish yourself in this career, you will have to spend a lot of energy and time in the beginning.

10Learning more about yoga:

To learn more about practicing try observing your seniors. See the methods they use to teach their students. Try to catch the qualities of different yoga teachers that you come across in your career to become a perfect teacher. This is how to become a certified yoga instructor.


To conclude, I have discussed the step by step approach on how to become a certified yoga instructor. If you feel that you can dedicate your whole life as a yoga teacher then you can definitely go for this career. As nowadays people are very much health conscious, so you can definitely opt for this career. I hope you will find this article helpful.


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