Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them

Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them
Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them

Are you thinking of a startup? Have you made a startup and facing certain challenges are coming your way? This is the article on Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them. If you are starting up new business challenges are going to come to your way. At sometimes you might feel quitting the startup you have made. But my friend that is the time you need to pull your socks and work towards your goal. It is not only you that is facing such challenges. Many people face such challenges at the beginning of their startups. The time you lose hope is the time you fail, so keep moving on.

“Make the rocks and the pebbles that comes in your way your strength, not your weakness.”

The way you will tackle the challenges that come in your ways will show your potential. You can also share this experience further with your investors that will help you make your good image in front of them. In turn, they will not be scared of investing money in your company.  A startup can be difficult and sometimes, it might be much harder than your imagination.

I have personally met various people that have made a successful startup. And, the common thing among them all was that they all have to face challenges now and then in their lives.  Reading this might infuse some courage in you that every startup is not very easy.  If you are failing than take those failures as the part of your startup. Do not let those failures be the king. take all the possible measures to defeat the failure and be the king yourself.

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So let us quickly jump into the topic of Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them.

1Biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them: Capital:

The number one and the most important of all is the capital or the money required. You cannot think or a startup without money. Money plays a big role in a startup. To take your office to a better location, to hire a better staff or to support the product development. Each and everything needs money to invest. Unless, you have won a lottery or at any instance of life you have got the property from your ancestors, you have to look out for the source that will provide you money.

So the question arises how to solve this problem or face the challenge of capital? The answer is simple enough, you need to look out for the investors or you have to look out for the ways by with you can make money as a side business. The collection of the capital should be done before the startup. Because the pre-collection of the money will act as a support for your startup at the later stages.

Money is the key to any business. The wiser and more you will invest, the more you will earn out of it. Never ever invest in a doubtful thing. Your investments should be wise. The way you invest in a thing shows how good businessman you are. This is one of the challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them.

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Before a startup the planning of what you are going to do in the future is important. Many people startup there business without a plan. Planning is the key to a successful business. For example, in future, your company had a huge loss and you have not even planned before for this loss. The chances are that your startup will not survive this. A plan should always be there for the people you are going to hire, for the losses that you might have in the future, for the infrastructure of the company and for many other small-small things that company is going to use.

Starting something without a plan can lead failures in future. Better be prepared rather than failing at some point in time. If you do not have a plan then there might be an unexpected situation that can ruin the whole of the startup.  Lack of planning is the biggest challenge that many of the startups face. Making a plan before will help you tackle any unexpected situation.

3Addition of fresh talent:

This is one of the tough tasks to perform. Selecting a person from a number of candidates is the toughest work to do. The HR department should be intelligent enough to choose a good talent out of the massive crowd. The reason behind this is that the number of candidates that you will add will give their hand to the overall growth of the company. If there is any failure in the correct addition of the fresh talent then chances are that the startup will soon go to fail.

For example, if you have started the company with 3 to 4 employees and further you think of hiring more people to help your growing startup. If the selection is not good enough then there might be the chances of your company closure because of the same.

So this is one of the biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them is that to hire mindful and intelligent HR team that is responsible for the addition of the new talent.


Even if you have a great product to launch, a huge amount of money to invest, a great idea and a great team still you will need one thing. The one thing that you are missing is your mentor. The mentor is the person on which you can rely when the sudden difficult situation falls on you. A mentor is the one that will tell you the right path. When you will find no way he will guide you the best way.

So this is another challenge that you will face while looking out for a mentor. so the decision of choosing a right mentor is very important.  Failure to do so can lead to a startup failure as well. For example, if you have chosen a mentor that only needs money and is not trustworthy, then there might be a time that in future he might overtake your company by building his own. He might steal your business ideas. Anything or everything can happen. The above paragraphs explains one of biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them.

5Partner failures:

There are many people that are very good at developing a new product but are not very good at running a business. The person might be your best partner while you were developing the product to be sold in the market. But they are not very good at expanding the business. Because running a business is not like playing with toys.

There are many strategies required to run a business. If the product is developed and is launched as well. But marketing plays a huge role in raising the overall demand for the product. Today in this world where maximum people are an internet addict. It is really easy to reach them with the internet marketing techniques. Digital marketing or internet marketing is the new and a great technique to reach people. At some point, if you feel that your partner is lagging on business aspects. Then it is the right time to hire new business associates.The thing you have read in the above paragraphs are one of biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them.

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Growth is one of the biggest challenges that a startup might face. If your business is growing so much that it has given you pain in the head than you are lucky enough. If you are starting a business growing point or failure point can come anytime in your life. You should be ready to face such challenges that might come in your future.

The growth can lead to increase in the number of staff, increase in the payroll, widening the office area and many more. How can you achieve all this? You cannot achieve this without money or pre-planning.  If you do not have any of these then your startup might be a huge failure.


The duty will not end up by launching a great product. The real picture as started now only. The market is huge and there are many startups every now and then. To maintain your success is the biggest challenge that every startup might face. The success does not come easy and we also should not let it go easy.

Giving your competitors a great fight will help you tackle this challenge that you might face every now and then. You should take the competition as the part of your business life.  And also you should cope-up with this by finding new business strategies. Above is one of the biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them.


To recap, the above were some of the biggest challenges that startups face and the ways to tackle them. You will feel all the above challenges as the part of your startup when you will startup or if you have already made a startup. The challenges are meant to strengthen you and not weakening you. Make a move that the world admire the way you handle the difficulties of your life. Do not let yourself feel weak at any point in time. This positive attitude one or the other day will make your startup successful.


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