How to become a memorable entertainer?

How to become a memorable entertainer?
How to become a memorable entertainer?

How to become a memorable entertainer? In the big wide world, some of us born to become an entertainer. However, that is always not the case you can also develop this ability to become an entertainer while growing up in your life as well. If you have interest in becoming an entertainer that this is one of the best jobs that will not only give you fame but also money. The most common question that is asked by many people is how to become an entertainer? or how to become a memorable entertainer?

Becoming an entertainer seems to be a simple task. But trust me it is not. We see people performing on stage we think that they just sing and dance and by doing this they are getting a lot of fame. But trust me this is not an easy task to perform. Firstly you should be able to overcome the stage fear and also you cannot do any mistake in front of people. An entertainer should be a perfectionist , sharp-minded and at the same time confident as well.

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It seems so easy but trusts me it’s not an easy task to be an entertainer.  Being an entertainer is the task in itself. So I am going to share some of the best tips on how to become a memorable entertainer.

1How to become a memorable entertainer?: Training:

In order to become a memorable entertainer, you need to be trained in your work. To become an entertainer, the key is to be a perfectionist in what you do. You should not only enjoy your work as an entertainer but also you should get proper training before doing anything. If you are going to be a dance entertainer, then you need to get proper training in whatever dance form you are going to perform in future.

Giving a stage performance without training yourself can lead your performance to be miserable. The musicians can take the music lessons and the actors can join the drama classes to make themselves perfect. There are many colleges that offer the course like a bachelor of performing arts. You can also take private lessons to make yourself the best memorable entertainer.  There are many online videos that can teach you to be an entertainer from your home itself. This is the first step of becoming a memorable entertainer.

2Creating the act and rehearsing for the same:

After you have been fully trained the next step comes is what is the art piece that you are going to perform as an entertainer. The singers can work on the small piece of song that they are going to perform while the actors can decide the act and start preparing for it. It takes a lot of time and memory in order to prepare a short act. the short act that is to be performed by an actor needs so much of rehearsals.

Remembering dialogues and practicing them, again and again, is a tough task. I know singers and dancers also hard work a lot but the actor has to enact something that he is not in his real life. Sometimes a person in its early 20 has to act like a father or mother of two. So this is how to become a memorable entertainer.

3Start the performance with high energy:

To make yourself memorable as an entertainer you have to start your performance with full energy. People that are looking up to you are very impatient. Because they have been waiting for your performance from so long. And, if you will start performing with low energy then trust me the whole of the act will be in vain. So in order to keep the interest of your audience up start your performance with a bang.

If you are going to sing on stage start your performance with a high pitch song that is full of energy rather than a slow number. Standup comedians should start their performance with a joke that is on their personality or something like that which is very high in humor. And if you are an actor start off with something interesting that will make the people more interested in your act. But remember to keep the best thing for the end as well.

This is one of the great tips on how to become a memorable entertainer.

4Enjoying your performance:

Your audience will always want you to live their dreams. So try to be your best while giving the performance on stage. To be the best you should first enjoy your performance. Do not try to be someone else on stage, be the real you.  Perform with the spirit that the people are looking up to you as your dream performer.

During your performance, if you are not exhausted then you have still more to perform.  The comfort level is very important in the stage performance. The more you are comfortable on stage then more easily you can have fun on the stage.

Give something new to your audience every time you perform.  so your audience is not bored by seeing the same thing. Enjoy to the fullest and do not hide your emotions inside you. Share your emotions with the audience. Because they are eager to see what are you from the inside.

5Let the show go on:

Every person makes mistake in his or her life.  If you have made some mistake in your live performance on stage as an entertainer, then do not get panic. Try to overcome the mistake that you have made. If you make a mistake and then you stop performing then this is the worst that you can do as an entertainer. Your audience does not want you to fall and never stand up. They want you to stand up and continue your performance. An entertainer should performer in such a way that the audience does not even remember the mistakes you have made during your performance till you finish it. This is one of the great tips that you can follow in order to become a memorable performer.

6Make a connection:

Do not forget to make an eye contact while performing. As an entertainer, you should always be making an eye contact with the audience. Do not be so focused on your performance that you forget the rest of the world. Make a connection with your audience.

For example, if you are dancing on a beautiful dance number, and you forget to look at the audience will it be a  good performance or bed. Being an entertainer your prime focus is to make your audience happy and you can do this by not only performing the best but also by making them feel comfortable.

If you are a singer, stop the song for a little while and then start telling something about yourself. This will help you make your audience more connected with you.

If you are a standup comedian, then start asking questions from the audience and try to find humor out of that.

These are the qualities that an entertainer should have.

7Increase their comfort level:

There is nothing worse than seeing your best actor or singer making some mistake while doing their act. Remember about the training point that I have discussed in the starting. The training is the most important point. Cut your big act into small pieces and do the proper rehearsal on each block properly.

As an entertainer, it is your duty to make your audience feel comfortable by preparing a lot for the performance.  Do not every disappoint that has just come to see you only because you were not prepared for the same. Having a huge fan following is not much difficult as maintaining it is.

8Engaging the crowd:

It is really a good thing that a huge number have come to just see your show. As an entertainer, it is a victory in itself. But you should try that your audience does not lose interest in your performance. you can make this possible by asking them questions or asking for some of the volunteers.  It is very easy for a magician to ask people to volunteer for his tricks. But remember one thing the people that are participating are interested in participating. Do not choose such people that are in a hurry or are on the stage for just fun sake. Make your decisions wisely.

9Perform according to the audience needs:

Performing on huge stage is something different from the performance that you might have given during your college time. A huge audience in a big hall wants more from their start tonight. As an entertainer, you should have the ability to read your audience mind.

Reading the mind of people needs a lot of talent . If you know what you have to perform by reading the audience mind then you can easily achieve that. No one can stop you from being successful.

If you are cracking some jokes and you feel that your audience is not enjoying the performance. Then you should start talking about some other topic.

Remember one thing as in mind the energy and madness are in your concert the more will be the crowd in your concert.

10The show should also end with a bang:

As an entertainer, both should matter the starting and the end of the performance. The start should be a bang on and the end should also be bang on.  In the beginning itself, I have discussed that you should leave the best thing for the end.

If you are performing an act leave the audience in suspense so they become very eager for your next show.  It is always good to over your performance before rather than extending that till the audience get bored. And leave your audience at the point on which they need more from you. This is one of the best ways to become a memorable entertainer.

Let us also discuss another topic as well how to become more confident? Because confidence is the key to becoming a memorable and successful entertainer.

11How to become more confident?

12Concentrate on the mind talks:

There is always something going on in a person’s head.  You should start writing all the negative things that come into the person’s head. To achieve your target to become an entertainer start writing the negative things. By writing these thoughts again and again you will realize all the negative thoughts that are restricting you from achieving your goals. And after some time, you will see that the negative thoughts are becoming positive at some point.

For example the thoughts like “I can never become a big person” to “If I will do hard work I will achieve something big”.

13Start working on your weaknesses:

Write down your strengths and weaknesses.  Take classes from the trained people and work for achieving towards overcoming your weaknesses.  Do not do the things in the rehearsals that you are already doing. Practice those things again and again that you are weak at. To make yourself a perfect entertainer you need to practice a lot.

14Mirror rehearsals:

One of the important things is the mirror rehearsals. If you are not doing this then it will be very difficult to become a confident entertainer. First, do the things in front of the mirror, the things you are going to do on the stage. This mirror rehearsal will make you more confident, you will be able to recognize the lags you have in your performance. You can improve the confidence in this way and also you can build up that confidence in you. That an entertainer requires in his performance.


The above are some of the tips on how to become a memorable entertainer? These are those points that are required by each entertainer whether it is a singer, a dancer, a musician, an actor, a standup comedian.  Follow the above simple points and you will see a huge difference in your life as an entertainer.  I hope you will find them helpful and may you become the most memorable entertainer in your life.






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