How to become a millionaire: From the Millionaires’ heart

How to become a millionaire: From the Millionaires' heart
How to become a millionaire: From the Millionaires' heart

How to become a millionaire? Maybe this is the question that is asked by every person. A person might be of age 15 or he might be of the age 50, all want to become rich. So all of us want to become rich. But how is it possible to become rich at any age. In this article, I am going to give you the solution on how to become a millionaire. I have asked this question from my millionaire friends and this is the article that is based on the millionaire’s opinions.

Trust me, friends, it is not difficult to become a millionaire. I have seen people becoming a millionaire at a young age. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft became a millionaire at the age of 23. This is the example of the richest person on the earth. Also, many other people like Michael S. Dell, Steve Jobs and much more are the common example of entrepreneurs and millionaires at the same time. So we should not lose hope, the journey to becoming an entrepreneur can start now.

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Let us discuss this approach to become a millionaire in steps.

1How to become a millionaire? A financial plan or business plan:

Only saying that I want to become rich will not make you rich. You need to have a plan that can help you achieve your goal. Your goals should be clear in your mind. You need to have a plan written with pen on paper. Saying something orally is not enough.

You need to know your requirements to start your business. There should be the clarity of your goals and how much investment it will require to fulfill it.  By making an exact plan of how much money you will need to start with your idea will prevent you from any type of falls during your business span. If you will follow money then it will surely give you the inspiration to earn much more.

2Saving is the key to earn more money:

Do not spend your precious money on buying things that will not give you much money. You should spend on things that will give you some profit in return. Are you the person that goes to buy a dress and will end up buying some accessories, jewelry and matching footwear with it? This is not the sign of becoming a millionaire. To become a millionaire you have to save a lot.

For example, if you earn $3000 per month then you need to save the 60% of it so you are left with only 40%. Once you are finished up with the 40 %, you will be more encouraged to earn more. This way you are saving the 60% in your account and you are distracting your mind from that money. In turn, you will be more encouraged to earn a lot of money. This is the key that almost all the millionaires must have used.

3Living below what you exactly need:

The example is our daily life. We all go shopping and I think all of us spend a lot of money than our budgets. But the millionaires will not do this. The people who are on the way to become a millionaire will always think of spending very less time on activities like shopping, rather than the mind horses are running in some different direction. Most of the time they are busy in thinking about some of the business ideas. They are mostly busy in finding techniques to earn money rather than spending money on things.  This is one of the solutions on how to become a millionaire. The dream to become a millionaire should give pain to your eyes so you can fulfill it one day or the other. This is how to become a millionaire

4No debts:

You should avoid the habit of borrowing. If you have borrowed some money from your friend then you need to return it within 2 to 3 months maximum. Remember that debts will give you nothing but stress. Buy the things if you can afford them. Do not buy a thing that you cannot afford. For example, you have to money some amount to your relative then there will be a load on top of your head. Extra load means that you will not have the time to think and accomplish the dream to become a millionaire. So avoiding any type of debt is another great answer to the question “How to become a millionaire?”

5Become an entrepreneur:

Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way by which you can become a millionaire. It might take courage to start your own business. Also, it needs so much of investment at most times of entrepreneurship. The way is tough but it is not impossible. If the road has stones then it will surely lead you to the right path rather than the roads that are free from obstacles.

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Being an entrepreneur means that you do not have to share the profit with anybody. You are your own boss. All the profits that are made by your company are yours. You will not get a small part out of the company’s success but the company’s success is yours. For example, if you are working for a company then you will not be aware of the turn-over of the company or the profit that a company makes. However, in your own company, nothing will be hidden from you. Once, your company starts generating revenue for you, then with further dedication and hard work, the time is not away that you will become a millionaire for sure.


To conclude, I have discussed the answer to the common question: How to become a millionaire? in many different forms. So, the decision in your hand. How you are going to change the daily habits that are totally dependent on you. You can change some of your habits now that are coming in your way to becoming a millionaire. Start working on them now to see amazing million dollars results.


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