How to become a personal trainer

How to become a personal trainer
How to become a personal trainer

How to become a personal trainer? Do you have interest in fitness? Do you want to make your future in fitness? Can you dedicate your whole life to fitness? Do you love to live a healthy lifestyle? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you can think of making your career as a personal trainer.

To become a personal trainer you do need a good physique to impress your clients. If you have done all the research on the food and all the diseases then you are very much perfect to start your career as a personal trainer.

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Let’s discuss the topic on “How to become a personal trainer”

1How to become a personal trainer? Develop the attitude to become a personal trainer:

As a personal trainer, you are the way to motivate and physically train your clients to achieve their goals. There should be the demonstration of the physical work that you are going to teach your client. You should also ask yourself a question like, “are you in a proper shape?” The motivator or the trainer should be fit, which will help him or she attract clients. Because the client will not be impressed by an unfit or overweight trainer. Imagine if you are not fit yourself then you cannot teach anyone to become fir.

To teach someone something, firstly you should be the master in that particular thing. Another question that you should ask yourself is that, “will you be able to continue this career for the lifetime?” Because you should not choose that career if you are not interested in that particular thing. If you love to cook be a chef if you love to dace be a dancer if you love to sing be a singer and so on.

You should always choose a career in such a way that at the end you are not regretting your mistake. So choose your career wisely this will decide if you will succeed or not. In my personal opinion, your career should be your hobby. So, if you are thinking to build your career in fitness. Then firstly think that how much time you devote to fitness. Because after you will become a trainer, you will have to keep yourself fit as well as you have to keep your client fit. So, the time to spend on fitness become double. Think twice or thrice before making something as your career.

2Understanding the human body:

The trainer that is perfect is that who has the complete knowledge about how the human body works. If your dream is to become the best trainer, then you will have to study or work according to it. You should know the working of the human body. What are the exercises that will affect that particular area of the body? What are the diets to be followed by different fitness goals? You should be aware of all the things related to the body because you are going to become someone’s body trainer, so that is your duty to study the body functioning properly. For example, if you are training your client and your client overdoes the exercise and there is a certain muscle pull in the body, then who is responsible for that? It is only you. So you should have the keen knowledge about every part of the body.

3The leadership quality:

The best trainer is that who is inspiring, caring and a motivating leader. Also, during the workout time, he will make you feel the pain, frustration and will make you shed tears. And when at the end you will achieve your goal he will make me so proud and will also show his happiness. If you do not have the above qualities then you will not be a good personal trainer, so you should start developing these things in your from now onwards. This is how to become a personal trainer.

4A personal trainer for yourself:

You should firstly hire a personal trainer that will help you understand what exactly is the relationship between the client and the trainer. Sometimes, you will find a trainer that is just like a military commander, on the other hand, there are trainers that will use very friendly approach. So, you have to think in such a way that, how will you treat your client when you will be a personal trainer? What will your approach be like to help your client to achieve their fitness goals?

5Research for the institute:

Once you have chosen that health and fitness will be your career, then start doing the research on the certification programs. There are so many certification programs that are available online. Firstly, you are going to be confused. Whenever you will finalize your decision then you can look for the organization that has got authorization from NCCA(National Commission for certifying agencies). The NCCA is of the diamond level when it comes to making a career in health.

NCCA has many programs that are the requirement of the industry. If you are going to become a personal trainer, or you are going to work in a gym then you can get your certification from an organization authorized from NCCA. This will easily let you achieve your goal like a personal trainer or working in a gym.

The certifications like group fitness trainer, medical exercise specialist or ACE personal trainer are all authorized by NCCA.  You will have to pay at least $400 to $700 for these courses. you can also opt for the online certification that can save your money.This is how to become a personal trainer.


People always prefer a doctor that are specialist like an ear specialist or a heart specialist according to their needs. So, taking a certification in something special further after your normal certification will increase the number of clients that will be visiting you. You can go for the specialties like training only children or training people that need results in the particular part of the body. This will surely help you to attract more and more clients.


While you are spending a lot of money on your certification, you can find a gym for the practice. There are many gyms out there that will give you job without any experience as a floor trainer. This way the things you will be studying during your course you can actually do that thing in practice. This will give you a great environment to practice what you learn. You can call you’re known gyms and you can ask if they have a job for you. In this way, you will have two benefits.

  1. You will have the practical knowledge of what you are learning in your course.
  2. You will be earning money, so in this way, you can recover the money you have paid for your certification.

8Getting a job :

After you have completed all your training you will have to start searching for a job. And with the certification that you will have from the NCCA will help you get the job soon for sure.This is how to become a personal trainer.


To conclude, the above is the step by step approach on how to become a personal trainer. I know making a career in every field is difficult. You cannot make your career without hard work, dedication, focus and proper education. So, to make your career in health and fitness all the above-mentioned qualities should be present in you. I hope you this approach will be helpful for you.


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