How to become a runway model?

How to become a runway model
How to become a runway model

How to become a runway model? Who doesn’t want to be Victoria’s Secret model? I think most of us. Runway modelling is the dream of many girls. But, it is not that easy stuff to be a runway model. You might have heard that only good looks are required. Whereas, it is not the case my friend. With good looks, you also need to have some of the other things as well. It takes lots of dedication, hard work, grace, motivation to hit that goal. In this article, we will be discussing the tips on how to become a runway model.

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1How to become a runway model? Measurements and weight:

The most important tip is measurements. Yes, this matters a lot when you are planning to be a runway model.  Your height should be between 5′ 8” and 6 feet.  But, if you have a short height like mine then a fun-loving attitude and hard work will also work. Also, the runway model’s weight should lie between 50 to 59 kg or 110 to 130 kg.

Also, if your weight is little more than you can also work as a plus-size model. Your dress size can be between size 10 (UK/ EU 38) and size 16 (UK/ EU 44).

2What is the age limit? :

If you want to enter the fashion world the right time is between 16 and 21. And if you are of the age 24 then you are too old for runway modelling.  If you are 24 and you look young by your face then you can still try your luck. So, if you are starting your career at the age 16 then you need to super popular by the age  21, as otherwise, it will be too late.

3Walking practice:

Work on your walk, because it is everything in the career of a runway model. On the runway, you need to have a perfect posture. Your shoulder should form a square and your back should be straight. You have to relax your hands and your arms should not swing.  Also, take long steps when you walk and place that foot directly in front of the other. Once you have excelled the walk without heels try not walking with heels now.

First, you have to start with the low heeled pumps and then you can move into pencil heels. You can then use the stiletto heels. This is another tip on how to become a runway model.

4Exercise and Yoga:

You have to dedicate at least one hour per day.  And, almost four days in a week. If you do not want to lift heavy weights. You can firstly startup by lift small weights. If you do not want to add any kind of weights to your routine then you can simply go to the Pilates.  Also, yoga is a great option. Not only it relaxes the mind but it also strengthens the muscles as well.

Also, you can add HIIT or cardio into your exercise routine. This type of workout helps a lot when you do not have enough time in your morning routine.  Also, it is very good for the heart health.

5Eating plays a major role:

When your goal is to become a runway model. Then, girl, you need to focus on your food. You have to eat nutritional food that contains protein, vitamin, minerals, fat and less amount of carbs. You have to focus more on the other vitamins and minerals and less on carbs. In order to achieve that lean look, you have to place your focus on more proteins and fat and less on carbs. You might be thinking that what am I talking? Yes, I know that. But, trust me guys to get the leaner look you have to cut those carbs from your diet.

The theory in which we all believe in is fat is the one that causes fat. But it is not the truth to maintain or achieve that leaner look you have to throw the carbs away from your diet. This is the major tip on how to become a runway model.


Keep yourself hydrated. Water is one of the important things that can make or break things. You should drink water every hour. You should consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. If you exercise more you should drink more water. During and after the exercise session. And for more information about his, you should consult your doctor. If you have decided to live a healthy life then the main thing that should be kept in mind is water. Water will also help you to avoid the overeating as well. This is one of the important tips that should be kept in mind while talking about how to become a runway model.


If you are taking enough water throughout the day, then your skin will automatically glow. Eating healthy and doing regular exercise can help get rid of the acne problem. If you have a kind of skin that is oily or more prone to acne then you should wash your face with oil-controlling face wash at least two times a day. Also, do not expose yourself to the sun between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Exposure of the skin to too much UV rays can cause wrinkles and tanning. This can even cause ageing. This can ruin your career for sure.

8Do not overuse drugs:

Last advise on the list of how to become a runway model is do not overdose alcohol or any other drug. If you like beer or alcohol, do not drink too much of it. You have to control the intake. If you are unable to quit this habit then try to avoid this slowly. Try first drinking from 5 times a week to 2 times a week. After a month change the drinking habit to 1 time a week and then one day will come you will totally cut it from your life.


To conclude, we have shared the tips on how to become a runway model. If you follow the tips step by step, result will soon follow.


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