List of startup companies in India

List of startup companies in India
List of startup companies in India

List of startup companies in India. In the period of 21st century, doing business is the career option which is helpful in experiencing the high level of success. If there is any career successful in today’s world then it is the business field. Business world in this era is increasing at rapid rate and we can see everyone planning for choosing this as a career. India is the country that has also started experiencing many businessmen who are successful.


List of startup companies to invest in 2018

Ambani brothers are one of the greatest examples of progressive businessmen in India. India is still experiencing the countless business startups in the country. Business startup is associated with the beginning of business in some specific product or service. Startups require an appropriate plan so that a person doesn’t have to go through failures and disappointments. There are countless successful startup companies and some of them are listed below for the augmented understanding:

1List of startup companies in India: 91springboard:

This is a business startup in India which is going to shape up the business world extensively. The founders of the business are Anand Vemuri, Deepak Sharma, Pranay Gupta, Susan Lim and Varun Chawla. On the other hand, the investors of the company are Rahul Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Khattar Holdings and Sumit Dayal. This business is associated with the offering of a services linked with the plug and play office with the facilities that are ready to use.

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It includes timely event for co-working members. It is a new method to work in which people from different backgrounds, businesses and experiences can work under the one roof. This company offers them the access of a functionally workspace, network of mentors and investor including the understanding of events for network.


This is again one of the successful startup companies in the country that falls second on the list of startup companies in India. And, the founder of the business is Dr. Anand Lakshman. The investors of the business include Gray Matters Capital and Unitus Seed Fund. This business startup is based in Bengaluru and it has the vision of making pediatric care easily available through offering the services of health care via clinics and schools.

It is the country’s first network of pediatric primary healthcare network and offers the care for children that are comprehensive and adults through the clinics chain. This company has incorporated the experts in the business as per their specialty. It is identified that this business is going to be one of the progressive one in the industry of healthcare.


Again, this is India’s one of the business startups and the founders of the company are Ramana Venkata, Amar Singh and Parveen Mittal. The investor of the business is Silicon Valley angel. This business is associated with the social networking platform for people with the interests that are similar in family, food and digital life. Also, this business allows an individual for connecting and sharing their interests with each other. This business idea is one of the innovative ones because people in their hectic schedules from everyday life don’t communicate with each other. But with the help of this business this problem is eradicated efficiently.


Applicate is a Delhi based business startups and the founders of the business are Deepak Rewadi and Ranjeet Kumar. The investors of the business are Amit Gupta, Rajiv Nayan, Rakesh Mishra and Rishi Vasudev. The business is linked with the creation of intelligent machines that are helpful in augmenting. And, scaling the skills or capabilities of a human being. The focus of the business to enrage the emphasis on purpose, creativity, innovation passion, life, dream and all of the things that can’t be done by a machine.


BabyBerry is the mobile app business startups in India and the founders of the business are Bala Venkatachalam, Subhashini Subramaniam, & Dev Vig. The investor of the business is Nitin Bagamane. It is a mobile application for helping the parents throughout the journey of pregnancy to the motherhood.

Through this application, parents can easily share the tips of parenting, recipes for baby food and can easily connect with other parents to know their share experience. This application allows the parents to read the articles from the pediatricians. The features of the application include charts of vaccination which are customizable, growth charts and charts for development milestone.

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Cloudcherry is another example of successful startup companies in India. And this lies on the sixth position on the list of startup companies in India. I offers the tools for the management of customer experience to customer-facing brands. This business is the top startups in Chennai and Bangalore. This business provides the platform to the customers for mapping and capturing the feedback that is of omni-channel.

This company is the first VOC solutions for adapting the approach that is journey based for the enhanced experience to the customers. This business simplifies the interactions of customer and enables them for capturing the data all over the touch points.


CollegeDekho is the Jaipur based business startups initiated by the Ruchir Arora. The investor for the business is GirnarSoft and Man Capital. These days it is tough for the youth to decide about the selection of career. And, also they find the problem in selecting the courses. Thus, this is a business that helps them in deciding the career. And, also helps them in understanding the courses preferences that they should go for according to the growth in future.

8Dil Mil:

Dil Mil is the matchmaking app and a business startups founded by the KJ Dhaliwal, Jacob IIin, Sukhmeet Toor and Tom James Hplub. The investors of the business are Nelstone ventures, Transmedia Capital, Maiden Lane Ventures and CSC Upshot. This business is associated with the matchmaking. And, is available as the mobile application including website. So, that the user can easily use the services.

Basically, this app allows the youth to date and connect with each other easily. The services of the business are reliable and fast. The users don’t have to worry about the privacy because there is security measures linked to it. Also, users have to login through user ids and passwords only then they can easily use the services of the business.


We have shared the List of startup companies in India that are successful startup companies across India. I hope you will find this article beneficial.







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