List of startup companies to invest in 2018

List of startup companies to invest in 2018
List of startup companies to invest in 2018

List of startup companies to invest in 2018. The year 2018 is in its third month. The time has come to find out which is the startup companies to invest in 2018. No one can know better than the venture capitalists about startups. As the venture capitalists are the one that helps in the funding of the startups in their initial stages.

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So, we just reached out the venture capitalists and asked which will be the startup companies that will be profitable to invest in 2018. So, we got the following list.

1List of startup companies to invest in 2018: Pymetrics:

This company was founded by MIT PhD. and Harvard. This company follows the neuroscience games to hire new staff and to remove the not so useful staff from the company. This is top of the list of startup companies to invest in 2018 as they follow a different type of environment for work. There are places that think that inclusive environment is the best for the workers. However, this company uses the AI to make the playing field levelled up for the number of candidates.

This another company to watch out for the list of startup companies to invest in 2018. The co-founders of this company are Parikshit Paspulati and Ravi Shankar. In the leading digital world of 2018, it is the Active. ai company that is still giving the human touch to the robotic conversational Bank services. They have made the process more of customer friendly and less like a robot and also have made the problem-solving process less difficult.


uBiome is the company that is working on the world’s largest database microbiome database. A microbiome is the bacteria that live in our own body and they play a great role in keeping us healthy.

uBiome uses its largest microbiome database to give insurance and repay to the doctors who have medically detected and measured the bacteria and virus. Example of a test is SmartGut for the belly.

uBiome is the company that provides tests that are not offered by any company in the market. Also, it has the latest microbiome science database that is not only good for the health of the people but is also good for the cosmetics, agriculture and nutrition and is led by the top scientists in the industry. This is another great company on the list of startup companies to invest in 2018 that has a lot of future growth scope.


Blowhorn was founded by Mithun Srivatsa and Nikhil Shivaprasad. As people think that shifting their houses can be a big big mess so the Blowhorn company decided to help them. And, this is the thing that has made them make their place on the top list of startup companies in India. Blowhorn makes the users experience more comfortable while they are shifting their houses.


Wag is the company that runs a dog walking app. It helps its users to find the trusted and certified dog walkers. You might be thinking this silly but according to a recent survey it was found that the 40 million US people have dogs in their house.

Almost most of the people there are working so it becomes a problem for the people living there to take their dogs to walk. Unable to do so, may lead t shit all around their houses. So this app acts as a medium between the person who wants the service and the person who can provide the service.

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So that is the reason it lies on the list of startup companies to invest in 2018 as this company is rapidly growing.


The co-founders of Dunzo are Dalvir Suri, Mukund Jha, Kabeer Biswas and Ankur Aggarwal. Dunzo is the heavenly application for the Bangloreites and Punekars. As this application has made people’s work so easy either it is repairing a broken pipe or sending someone something. This application is the solution for anything and everything. You can always just use Dunzo application. I hope this will be widely spread around the countrywide as well.

7Guild Education:

Guild Education is providing more degrees for the working Americans. This company helps Taco Bell, Chipotle and Da Vita to offer the college education to their employees and also offers tuition reimbursement to their employees.

The thing that has made them land in this list of the startup companies to invest in 2018 is that they help the world’s biggest employers to give their 64 million workers a working benefit of providing college degree who do not hold the degrees.

The company that has taken the responsibility of the education of the working-age professionals to be successful in their careers.


Flock is another company that has made into the list of startup companies to invest in 2018. The founder is Bhavin Turakhia. This is an application that has made the teams communicate in an easier way. No more emails or meeting in person. This application has increased the productivity of the workers by 50 %. Also, there is less wastage of time and hence more is the time to left to work. The clients of this company are VMware, Whirlpool and Accenture.

9Function of Beauty:

This another startup company that has made its entry to the list of startup companies to invest in 2018. They have given birth to a unique technique that uses the machine algorithms to make their own shampoos according to their hair type. The formula of both shampoos and conditioner that is according to each customer’s hair requirement and type. Function of Beauty company’s execution has turned this company into a highly successful launch. Every single bottle has the name of its customer that has the unique shampoo and conditioner for that particular person.


To conclude, we have shared the list of startup companies to invest in 2018. I hope this article helps you to find the startup company that will help you make your investments profitable.


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