How to make money? Top 43 ways

Make Money
How to make money?

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Who doesn’t want to get rich?  Every one of us, am I right?  This is the basic requirement of every individual that will fulfill the most important need of food, shelter, and clothing. That is the basic need of every individual. Each and every individual will need money for its survival either it is rich or poor or middle class all need money. Think about it. The money will make that person’s survival easy in this giant work. How to make money? Is the big question mark in every person’s life.

Money is a need for all tasks of our day starting from eating breakfast and this breakfast needs money to its preparation. Next comes going to the office that also needs money. The next thing is eating lunch, that also need money. Then coming back from the office that also includes money. So money is the base of everything. The foundation rock of anything that we go through in our daily lives.  And trust me, my friends, you have money you have everything. Your friends, your relatives, your basic needs all require one thing that is money.

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So now I am going to answer one big question. I will not only provide a single way but 41 ways to solve this big problem of “How to make money?

1How to make money through Youtube:

Youtube is one of the ways to make money online. You can just make a youtube channel and start uploading the videos there. In case people start liking your channel and the subscribers of your channel increase. And also day by day if the views on youtube increase as well and cross a certain limit you will get a cheque of a certain amount from youtube. This is one of the online business with which you can make money easily.


Facebook is one of the media to make money. You must be thinking that I am joking but trust me I am not. I have seen people selling 1000 likes in Rs100 this is true. They will sell the Facebook page likes. There are people who run their business page on Facebook. In order to make their page more famous on  Facebook they will ask people to like their pages. And actually, these likes are sold. And this is the truth about making money.

3Uber or Ola driver:

Companies like Ola and Uber gives opportunities to the people to make money by driving their own car for people around the area. You just need a neat car, a clean driving record and a registered driving license and you are good to go. There is no investment you can use the same car you have. You can work part-time in the day or in the night or even on weekends for the customers that are your own choice. This is how to make money with just a car only.


What is this Clickworker? Clickworker is the website that offers jobs to you while you are sitting at home. They need people that know to correct the texts, participate in surveys or searches or can do the data categorization for them. You just need to signup and then log in to their website and you are ready to start your own business from home.

5Books selling on Amazon:

If you have books that can be sold in an Amazon market then that is good enough for you to make money. Because all you need is some books in good condition to be sold and you are ready to make money. You will also be getting the reviews about the books so make sure the books are not torn apart. The quality should be good because this will make your reputation in market strong. This is how to make money online without paying a penny.

6Make money with slicethepie:

There is this website called Slicethepie that give you money for giving your reviews on artists and bands online. The money you will make for US dollar. This is the best way to get money without hard work. If you have interest in music then this is very good for you. This will help you make money out of your interest.

7Extra in a film or episode:

Have you ever thought that the person that passed “Salman Khan” in “Tiger Zinda hai” is also earning great amount? That is probably Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 per day. This is an amazing task to perform. You can do such extra roles to make money. There are several casting agencies that can help you get that role. they will cut some amount from your earning. So ask them the charges for doing any role. This will also help you make money without any investment.

8Educate people online:

educating people is not a bad thing. Being a tutor is the best job in itself. There are websites that help you to make money by selling your education. there is this website called “Udemy”, that will help you create your online tutorial and will help you make money throughout your life.

To become a personal tutor you can register yourself at websites like Schoolstrader and super proof. This does not include so much of pressure because the students you will get will be very young. This another super way to make money without investing anything.

9You as a bank:

Become a bank yourself. Yes, trust me you can. The people use to borrow money from the lenders on interest. And now the technology is so advanced that you can lend money online and start getting the interest from the next minute. there is this website that will help you to get the return of 5% from the same day you start lending depending on the duration of time for which you are lending the money.


This is the best way to make money without investing anything. Imagine for watching TV you will be paid! This is the best part right. Though you will need Criminal Records Bureau check for the babysitting. Some parents may not ask for this proof but some may ask that. Make sure you have that with you. This is another way to make money online.

11Become a personal trainer:

If you have the knowledge about fitness and you enjoy doing the same then you have a great scope, my friend. You might need some certification in this depending on the location you are from and the area to which you belong. You can visit the website like FitnessTrainer to get some business out of this. Trust me people actually pay a huge amount to people for this particular job. You can make money out of this easily.


You can do gardening to satisfy some of the needs. You can ask your neighbors for that. The task can be from pulling the weeds to garden planning. This might be a small task but can give you lots of money if you reached sufficient amount of neighbors.

13Carpet cleaning:

You can wash carpets by simply renting a carpet cleaning machine or buying one if you think that this business is good. You will find a lot of people in the need of this service. But they haven’t started looking for it. This is another way to make money.

14Blood donation:

In this you will get money simply by donating blood you can earn up to $30 to $50 depending on what type of blood you have. If it is common blood group like a+, b+ etc. then you can get up to $30. If you have a rare blood group like a-,b- then you can get around $ 50. This is also one of the ways to make money.

15Selling clothes on eBay:

You can make money by selling your clothes on eBay. You will get huge money out of it. You have to give some percentage of money to eBay as well but the profit can be huge. Because you will decide the price of the clothes. That on how much you have to sell that product. This is another good business to start for to make money online.

16Giving your house for rent:

If you live in big cities or the cities that are close to the film industry, then this option is the best for you. you can give your house for a day or a week on rent for the shooting on films or TV serial.  This is another best way to make money by not spending a single penny and still making money. You will not only make money but seeing your house on a TV can be so much exciting. This is how to make money by simply giving your own house at rent.

17Property dealer:

If you have a huge interest in a property and you don’t have money to invest. You can do one thing you can just look for the house that the owner wants to sale. You can get money from both the parties the buying party as well as the selling party. This is another very good way to make money without investing a penny into your business.

18Taking the dog out for a walk:

Taking care of a dog is also very important for some of the people. When the people are at works, their dogs are alone at home. You as a student have a lot of time then you can take care of a dog for some time. Taking a dog for a walk for an hour can also help you make money in your free time.

19Cashback while shopping:

There is number of websites that help you make money when you go shopping. You might have received cashback of 10% to 15% while shopping. This is another way to make money while enjoying the think you like the most like shopping. This is how to make money while doing the things you like.

20Recycling old mobile phones:

There are these websites that will help you in making money out of old mobile phones. Think about the old phones that might be lying in some corner of your house. They are not giving you anything while lying. You can sell them out and make money out of it. This is another way to make money.

21Delivery work:

If you have anyone of these: car, bike, or a motorbike. You can easily earn a lot of money. Nowadays all the business are online like food panda, have tied up with many restaurants like dominos, pizza hut etc. So the delivery option is a must . You can earn money by doing door to door delivery of items. you can earn a great amount with this type of work. This is another way to make money by not investing anything.

22Publish your ebook:

Amazon has made it simpler to write your own ebook and then publish it online. And the good news is that you get 70% of the selling amount. This is a good opportunity for my writer friends. As nowadays, kindle app is available on almost all the devices like smartphones, laptops, Ipads, and kindles, so anybody can research and write their Kindle ebook and get it published on the Amazon Kindle store. Isn’t it a good way to make money by using your own talent. So go get your ebook publish now to make money.

23Survey filling:

This is a way by which you can make money even in your free time by just filling surveys. There are many companies that recruit people only for filling surveys and testing new products. You can make up to $20 depending on which country you belong, the length of the survey and your profile. You can money in between 10 to 30 minute depending on the length of the survey. This is how to make money by sitting at home and make money in your free time.

24Making writing as a profession:

If you have interest in writing then you can make money out of your interest. Just devote some of your time in writing and you will get paid out for that. This can not only be a part-time but also as a full-time profession. Trust me, people are making money by a different type of content for blogs, articles, news. You can normally make $5 for about 500 words content.

25Web designing jobs:

If you are good at coding you can opt for the web designing jobs. This line has a got a lot option in which people get a lot of money. You can create your account online on different freelancing websites and make a lot of money out of this. You can either create a website offline and sell it to someone or you can make your own website and promote it further to make money. It will hardly take 20 minutes to create your website with different online platforms like WordPress and design it further according to your own wish. This online business will help you to make money in few days.

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You might be surprised seeing blogging as my next point. But it’s true my friend you can make money out of blogging. Thinking about how to make money out of blogs. Let me answer your question. You can write your blogs on websites like and promote different products, companies, services and many other options online. And, yes! You will be paid for it. Take a step and make this as your career. This is how to make money out of blogging.

27Sell your old stuff at different websites:

Yes, you read it right! You can also make money out of your old stuff. The stuff that is lying in some corner of your house. Is it giving you something lying there at a corner? The answer is no. So why don’t you sell it and make money out of a useless thing that is giving you nothing except occupying the space of your beautiful house? So sell it my friend and make money out of it. There are lots of websites out there in the world of e-commerce that will help you make money by selling the old stuff that is no longer of use. Isn’t this a good option to make money? What do you think? I myself use this option much time to make money.

28Home decoration:

During holidays, what do you do except sitting on your lazy couch and watching a movie that you have already watched a million times? Get up! It’s time to make some money. This the time when people need help in their home decoration. During Christmas and New Year people feel lazy decorating their house during holidays. You can use your free time to make money while doing some simple decoration work for your clients. Thinking about how to get the clients? Then go check out some websites online to get your next customer.

29Go get paid for your old clothes:

This is one of the ways to get money for those clothes that you no longer wear. That clothes which are out of fashion, your children’s clothes that have been shrink out, or I should say that your children have grown.  This will not give you so much money but at least you will get some money by selling those clothes that are no longer of any use or that you will no longer wear at all. So go get your old clothes and sell them at a thrift shop. This is how to make money out of useless things.

30Cleaning of cars:

This is another way to make out of cleaning cars. Nowadays, people make a lot of money out of this job because everybody in this world has a car. When people drive their cars they will get dirty. The day the cars get dirty you come into the picture as a car washer. You can get your clients and work as a permanent or as a remote worker. You can make this as a serious business also. Because it has a lot of scope in it. You can have your website also to expand this business.

31Have an interest in photography? :

If you are a kind of person that has interest in photography and you love to capture people around you, the places around you and the moments around you. Then, trust me, my friend, you have a lot of scopes to make money from your interest. You just have to get a professional camera to click some good photographs of your surroundings. This is how to make money from such an interest in photography.

Selling high-quality photos online:

If you do not want to opt for a carrier like photography for full time then you can also click some of the high-quality photographs of objects around you. Like flowers, gardens, roads or any other object that you want to click. There are websites like Shutterstock, Photobucket and much more that let you upload your high-quality photo and to get money for it. When someone buys your photo from the website then you will get paid for the photograph that you have uploaded with a certain price tag. This another good way to earn money by simply uploading some high-quality beautiful pictures.

32Earn from website not domains:

This is a great business to start to earn money. You can create your websites. Then use it for 5 to 6 months then you can put it on auction on online websites that will help you auction them and make money out of it.  This is another great business to do if you know how to make a website. You will make money 10 to 20 times more than your total monthly income.

33Selling domains:

Domains trading is the hot business nowadays that will help you earn a lot of money in a few time. You can buy your own domain from GoDaddy or any other domains selling the company and then use it for months or years and once it is famous you can sell it. You can make thousands of dollar online by selling it.  You can also put your domain on auction and you will get the price of your choice. This will help you get your domain famous and at the same time help you to make money from the same. Isn’t it so amazing? Buy a domain now and start working on it and you will surely earn money from it in the near future.

34Stock trading:

You can invest your money in the share market. For example, if you bought the share of a company that is new firstly the share value will be low l, but as slowly the company is becoming famous more and more people will start buying the shares. This way the share that you must have bought at low price must have reached sky high price. This way you can make money by selling the shares at a price that is 5 to 10 times the price at which you must have bought the share.

35Assisting someone virtually:

This is a great job that you can do online to make money. You can just work virtually from your home in assisting people in a different task. That is just as a personal assistant but the only difference is that you are not actually present with your boss. The work can be like taking care of a website, content writing, coding, proofreading, app or website development and many more. There are tons of websites that give you the opportunity to become virtual assistant by just signing up. This is how to make money online by just sitting on your couch.

36Make money by answering questions:

There is this website called JustAnswer that will help you to make money by just answering questions. People like doctors, engineers, and other knowledgeable people can earn money just by answering some questions of the people. This way is actually a great help for those people who will actually spend a lot of money in just getting the answer to those questions.  The people who have the knowledge will get some bucks for the answers and the people that are asking questions will be actually saving their money. This way you will not become rich but you can at least make money in your free time.


You can work as a consultant for jobs. For example, you have contacts of companies that hire a lot of people every year. You can open a consultancy that will help people get their dream jobs by just showing them the path. This way you do not have to invest much and the returns are huge. You can actually make money both ways. You will earn money from the company by giving them, good employees. Also, from the job seekers by helping them get their dream job. This is one of the great ways to make money without investing much.


There is a website called  You can do anything that you are good at $5. Here you can become a seller and create your gigs where you can give the description of your work and tell. If people like your gigs and are interested to get your service. They can get it at $5. This way you can get $150 per month if you get at least one gig done in a day. This a great way to make money very easily with the skills you already have in you.

39Small tasks online:

You can get started now on the website that will help you get paid for the small tasks. That can be anything related to the house or something like that. There are people on this website that are looking for people that can do their home tasks like packing, home improvement task etc.  The people are generally looking for the people that are located nearby to get their tasks done. This is another way to make money with small things done around client’s house.

40Selling old games and movies:

You can actually grab those old plastic CD’s from your collection and earn money from it. Go and collect your collection and make some money from it. You can get the copy of the songs and movies on to your laptop so you can save the collection for the future. You can also check if your parents have some older collection and you can actually them to earn a money. This is how to make money with old songs and movies.

41Parking space:

If you are living in a crowded place and lots of people come here every day and you can rent your place out for parking. If you do not use that place much. Think about what that empty place is giving you? If you will rent that place for parking then you can earn money out of a useless place. This another way to make money very easily without investing much.

42Get paid out for what you are already doing:

There is this website called that help you get some amount for searching on your favorite search engines like google, yahoo, bing. By installing a simple add-on to your browser you can get money for your searches. This is the best way to make money by the search work that we already do daily.


To conclude, I have discussed the above solutions on how to make money that is pretty simple to follow. Money is the most important thing in a person’s life and if you will get money by simply following these things then I really feel you should give it a try once. This will help you to make money in no time. I hope you will find this article helpful. Try them out and you will surely come out with results that will be truly amazing.


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