Pros and cons of working for a startup company

Pros and cons of working for a startup company
Pros and cons of working for a startup company

Pros and cons of working for a startup company. As the population is growing fast day by day the vacancies are reducing. As the vacancies are reducing, many people have the thought in mind to start up their own company rather than working under somebody. Working under a boss is really a tough task to perform. Working according to the wish of the boss, working for long hours and working under pressure conditions. These are some of the consequences of working for a company. Many of the people decide to make their own image in the market by starting up their business with the new company.

A startup is difficult but it is not impossible. There are many startup ideas that you can opt for that will help you to set up your new business. Many of the companies start as a small business and turn in to the big companies as the time passes with the dedication of the employees and with the healthy work environment. And, also sometimes it is very beneficial to work with a startup company. Like there are better opportunities than working in a well-established company. You can learn new technologies, the office environment is not very strict and many more. Also, there are some disadvantages like extended shifts, working on holidays and many more.

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So in this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of working for a startup company. Let us discuss everything one by one.

1Pros and cons of working for a startup company


2Fun environment:

There are many pros and cons of working for a startup company. One of the pros is fun environment. The environment is so fun. There are lots of extra-curricular activities to perform other than the work.  Sometimes there are a skating area, gaming area and even a gym in the startup companies. There is no strictness while working in the startup companies. The boss never abuses you, because the company has just started and he cannot take the risk of losing an employee like you. So this is of the pros of working for a startup company.

3Learning is much more than a startup company:

The opportunity to learn new things is more in a startup company.  When a company is started the founder as only hired you on your skills. And your skills improve as the company grows. Because the growth of the company is because of the employees. The more the company will grow the more will you grow? This is why the owners will always want you to learn more because more skills you will learn the more will this lead to the company’s overall growth. This is one of the pros to work for a startup company.


The startup companies are always in a hurry to grow. They need the ideas that are unique to take the company to the next height. So at that time, you have to be innovative to create new ideas that can break the wall that is the startup company and the success. This is another advantage of working for a startup company.

5Collaborating with energetic colleagues:

This is one of the best time learning things. We are unable to learn things from our teachers. But we easily grab things from our friends and colleagues. When you work for a startup company the chances are that you are all the people around you are very enthusiastic and energetic to learn new things. In this way, you will also be influenced by them. generally, we tend to adopt the things that go on in our surroundings. And this way we will become like them only. This is another benefit of working for a startup company. Out of the number of pros and cons of working for a startup company, this is one of the pros.

6High level of satisfaction:

When you work for a startup company then it is sure that you will participate in each and every activity of the company. Like, its birth, its evolutions, its success and many other things. And when the company is developing more and more. You can be proud of yourself that your contribution is making the company successful. This way you will be highly satisfied with your job. This is one of the pros of working for a startup company.

7The cherries:

1)A number of holidays are more.

2)An environment is very friendly.

3)Cab facilities.

4)Food is free.

5)Gym facilities.

6)Medical insurances

7)Working hours are flexible.

And many more.

8Rewards and the promotion:

When you work with the startup company your work will be more visible in front of the boss so the opportunity to grow also increase. While working with the big firm does not help you grow as much as the startup companies. Some of the people don’t even know who the boss is while working in a big company. So you have to do lot more efforts to come in the eyes of the big people. Whereas in the startup companies there are lot more chances of growth as your work is directly seen by the head of the company.

Also, there are many rewards given to the employees in order to boost up their confidence and their energies. For every small achievement, you are rewarded to encourage you. While in big companies, you are hardly rewarded for anything. Because the number of employees is more and the chances to get a reward decreases. For a reward, you will have to put in a lot of efforts my friend.

I  have discussed the top pros from this complete article of “Pros and cons of working for a startup”. Now let’s start off with the cons.


9Lesser pay:

There are many pros and cons of working for a startup company. One of the cons is lesser pay.The number one disadvantage is the pay scale. You are not earning according to the efforts you are putting in the company towards your work. You might have noticed the friend of yours that has been placed in Google is not working as hard as you are working. But is still getting the salaries lot more than you. Working for days and nights is not making you earn that much money that a person sitting in Google is earning in only one hour.  This is one of the major cons of working for a startup company.

10Balance in life:

There is nothing like personal life. The balance between the personal and the professional life is not made. Your work is coming to your home. You are doing your work until late night. This way you are not even able to sleep properly. Sleep is very important in the life and if you deprive of it then you are not going to work properly on the next day as well. This only happens because of the heavy workload on you. the company is not paying you extra money but you have to work for such long hours. This will lead to unbalance in the life of a person.

11No job security:

You are not even sure if the company will exist until the next year or not. Startup companies are at the crucial stage, they cannot even handle a single mistake from the employees. If you are not achieving the targets or you are doing mistakes on the constant basis. Then the chances are that you will kick out off the company very soon. Because in startups the companies are less likely to bear any mistake from your side. They will only need one moment to separate you from their firm.

12Life in the startup is constantly changing:

While working for a startup company your responsibility changes day by day. No that would be extreme but they are eventually changing. You can be changed from a content writer to a receptionist. This is totally extreme.  The changing responsibilities with changing time. This will sometime make you frustrated at some point. The life changes are bearable but the job changes are definitely unbearable. So you have to be more flexible and versatile while working for a startup company. Out of the number of pros and cons of working for a startup company, this is one of the cons.


When you are working for a startup company the workload will be too much. At times, you will feel like quitting the job. But due to the financial problem, you cannot leave that. This should be clear in your mind that if you are working for a startup company then the chances are that you have to serve longer working hours than the usual. The chances are that you will be given lots of work as your daily target to achieve. This is one another disadvantage of working for a startup company.


To conclude, above are some of the points on pros and cons of working for a startup company that you should keep in mind. There might be the chance that you are looking to work for a startup company. Or there might be a case that you are placed in such company. I know every company was a startup company when it was started and we should give these companies also a chance to startup our careers with. There is lots of risk of fun as well. Who knows this startup company that you have joined will kick-start your career as well?


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