How to startup with a fitness journey?

How to startup with a fitness journey
How to startup with a fitness journey

How to startup with a fitness journey?I know it is very difficult to start off with the fitness journey. But if you have dedication and motivation then you can definitely achieve what you want.  You might not see the result immediately. But, with consistency and time, you will definitely see them. So, keep up your hopes and you will definitely see the results you want. In this article, we will be showing the ways on how to startup with a fitness journey?

So without much talking let’s get started.

1How to startup with a fitness journey?: Setting up your goals:

Thinking about how to startup with a fitness journey? First,  ask the question to yourself that what is your goal? If you want to lose or gain weight or if you want to lose those extra inches. Ask yourself these questions and you will definitely get the answers to these. Once your goal is clear in your mind, then you have to begin with the next step. You have to write it down in your fitness diary that you will start from now.  Then put the picture of your fitness model on the wall that is right in front of your bed.  This is the first step on how to become a vegetarian.


The most important step is to research what you want. YouTube is a great platform that is great, to begin with, your fitness journey. You will get the answer to almost all the questions.  All the information that will be required to start a health journey. You can find all the things from the healthy recipes to different workouts. If you do not like your current trainer. You can just change the channel.  Your focus should be to get the beginners workout. Also, do not forget to hit that bell so you get all the new notifications from that channel.

3No need of those dumb bells:

You will be surprised to know that to start a healthy workout routine you need nothing but your own body. You need to pay nothing, you can do the workout with your own body weight. Now you do not have any reason to restrict yourself from exercise because all you need is your body. No need to pay to pay for dumb bells or resistance bands. You can use your body weight as a resistance. You can do squats, stretches and simple abs exercises in the beginning. This will be enough, no need to hit the gym. You can do all this stuff in your home.

4Buddy up:

You can just buddy up with your friend to start this journey.  It is always good to have a partner while starting something.  This way you will never lose the hope. You will get inspiration from each other. Make sure your friend is active enough to keep you inspired in this journey. This will boost your confidence and motivation.  Also, with this, you can watch some of the motivation videos of people on their health journey on YouTube that can inspire you much more.  This is another great motivation tip on how to startup with a fitness journey.

5Give yourself rewards time to time:

I know to keep up that good work we always need a kick. And that kick we will get from our rewards. Make sure that you give yourself rewards in the form of a slice of pizza or a cheesecake from time to time. As you succeed in getting more close to your goal, you can give yourself a small treat. Take measurements weekly and with the weekly progress, you can give yourself delight in the form of junk food or sweets.

6Less time is also good:

You might be thinking of spending at least 2 hours at the beginning of your health journey. But you have to keep on the rest 22 hours of the day. With workout, what all you eat in a day also matters a lot. You can do early meal preparation in order to avoid eating junk food during the day. Also, no need to worry, if you do not have enough time to spend on your workout routine then you can simply workout out for half an hour in the beginning. There are many online programs that will help you to hit that fitness goal by spending less time in your workout.

You add the HIIT workout in your routine that will give you results fast. Without spending long hours in the gym, you can just reach the goal by adding this to your workout routine. In High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts you will spend less time working out with more intensity with equal or less amount of rest periods.  This is another great tip that can help you to get the answer on how to startup with a fitness journey?

7Challenging yourself:

It is very important to challenge yourself from time to time. Once you have become comfortable with an exercise then go on and increase the repetitions and sets. Or you can even now introduce weights into your workout once you have conquered the body weight.  This way your body will always be in the challenging mode. This way your body will not hit a fitness plateau or will not stick to a particular weight. Your body will keep showing you the results. It means that you will certainly make strong in time by giving yourself timely challenges.

8Do not go home at first:

Most of the people go straight to their homes after work. And they sit on their comfortable sofa and they never get up. You should first go to the gym or the place where you workout. Do not go to your home, this way you will never go for a workout. Or you can even do the early morning workout that most of us find more difficult. So, if you are not an early morning person then you can stick to the after office workout option.


To conclude we have shared the tips on how to startup with a fitness journey? I hope you will find this article interesting.









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