TOP 10 JOBS IN 2018

TOP 10 JOBS IN 2018
TOP 10 JOBS IN 2018

Top 10 Jobs In 2018. Getting a job these days not only have become a problem but choosing the right career is another one. Most of the people fail to understand that what career they should choose. And, it is significant that the meaningful career must be chosen. The career that can be helpful in balancing the life. It will open more augmented opportunities in future should be selected.

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There are certain factors that should be kept in mind except for high salary. They are low-stress level, balanced work-life, prospects of job and job growth. Career always must not be chosen on the basis of salary level. But, it is important to note that what career growth it can give you and how much secure your job is. We will be illustrating the top 10 jobs in 2018 that can be selected by you as a career option. And, there will be the information linked to each job that is recommended:

Top 10 Jobs In 2018:Medical and health services managers:

They are the coordinators, directors, and planners who are accountable for working behind the scenes and ensure the running of hospitals, group practices, nursing homes and other facilities associated with the healthcare.

The median annual salary for the job is around $96, 540 whereas the projected growth in this field is 19.8% by the year 2026. According to the 2018 best jobs ranking, this career is ranked at the top 10 jobs in 2018. This career option is going to help the people who are seeking medical education or have completed their degrees in the medical field.

Business operations manager:

The responsibility of business operations manager is to manage the complete procedures of the business. They confirm about the efficient running of the business and look after the hiring of new talent in the business. This is again one of the top 10 jobs in 2018 that can be chosen by the individual who has obtained degrees in business administration.

Other responsibilities of the business operations manager include the negotiation of contracts, coming up with the strategic decisions and leading the teams in an effective manner. The annual salary for this job ranges about $99, 310 and the projected growth is about 9.1% by the year 2026.

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Financial advisors:

They are accountable for meeting with the clients and counseling them on their finances. Firming up the plan for retirement comes under this job and there are also many other responsibilities of financial advisor like sitting down and creating the budgets for their clients. This job is among the top 10 jobs in 2018 because it not only includes interesting job accountabilities but the annual salary of the job is about $ 90, 530. The estimated growth by the year 2026 is around 14.4%. Financial advisors also give their advice on investment and even help them out in making the investment in a right direction.

Sales manager:

This job is listed in top 10 jobs in 2018 as the responsibility of the sales manager is quite interesting. Sales managers are responsible for getting their company’s product into the hands of the customer. This job necessitates managers for establishing the association with the clients and sales territory.

They also guide the whole team of sales, ensure developing the programs linked with training for new hiring’s, outlining the strategies for team and setting the goals that are short term and long term. For the job of sales manager, bachelor’s or master’s degree is required in the business administration and also the person should have the proficiency in marketing. The annual salary for this job is $117, 960 and the projected growth is 7.4 % by the year 2026.

Financial managers:

Another job ranked in the list of top 10 jobs in 2018 as the finance managers are accountable for advising and controlling the checkbook of the companies. They are also accountable for producing the projections that are profitable, overseeing the projects cash flow and coordinating with the practices that are linked to the accounting.

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The annual salary for the job is $ 121, 750 and the estimated growth is 18.7%. This job is completely detail-oriented and needs the expertise to handle the numbers and communicate with the financial statements that are complicated to the other staff members.

Marketing manager:

The role of marketing manager in the business is very important as they not only manage the huge range of tasks but also they have to look after the hiring of new talent for the company. They are responsible to develop the strategic plan for the efficient designing of the work. The annual salary of the marketing manager is $131, 180 and the projected growth is 10%.

IT manager:

IT managers also have managed to rank at the top 10 jobs in 2018 because it is not only helpful in supervising the upgrades associated with the software and hardware but also ensures that the network of the company is protected from any sort of hacking and malware.

Another major role of IT manager is interlinked with managing the technical issues faced by the top executives. The main reason behind recommending this job is that it is not specific to any industry. As, they are required in most of the fields nowadays due to the increase in technological advancement. The annual salary of the IT manager’s ranges about the $135,800. And, the estimated growth of the job is 11.9% by the year 2026.


This job also is on the list of top 10 jobs in 2018. Because, the role of pediatricians is to emphasize on the mental and physical health of the children. The main specialties of the pediatrician include oncology and hematology to the developmental behavior that is psychiatry. They are also accountable to provide the best care and associate with the parents and patients. The annual salary for this job is around $ 168, 990 and the estimated growth is 17.8%.


This job is also recommended in the list of top 10 jobs in 2018. Because, the role of the psychiatrist is associated to dealing with the afflictions that are physical. Diagnosing the conditions that are complex such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety etc. in a patient is a part of their job. They use different methods so that such diseases can be treated and they also write prescriptions if required. The annual salary for this job ranges about $ 194, 740. And, the growth that can be anticipated is 13.1% by the year 2026.


This is again one of the nice career options for a person who is holding the medical degree. The role of a physician is associated with almost everything.  They are accountable to treat most of the problems linked to the gynecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists. Basically, every niche in the medical field. The annual salary of the physician ranges about $ 201, 840 and the estimated growth is 14.9%.


Thus, these are some of the top 10 jobs in 2018 that can be chosen that depends upon your qualification. If you are looking for nice career opportunities then you can choose the career from the list given above. One thing that you should always keep in mind is counting the factors while choosing the career. Th factors that you should not select it only because of the salary or future growth. But because of your personal development and professional skills as well.


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