Top 10 jobs in entertainment

Top 10 jobs in entertainment
Top 10 jobs in entertainment

Top 10 jobs in entertainment. Be honest about the answers to the following questions because those honest answers can even change your life. Don’t you want to become a hero while watching a  Shah Rukh Khan’s movie? Don’t you want to perform the same stunts that Hrithik Roshan performed in his movie Krrish?  Don’t you want to get the same amount of salary from your job that Shah Rukh and Salman get for each and every movie that they do?  The answers are well known to you.

Entertainment careers are the best yet difficult to start for.  If you are the person that has a huge talent hidden inside you like singing, dancing, acting, comedy and any other then you can surely make your career in the entertainment industry.  If you are searching for a job the entertainment is one of the best fields where you can make your career.

Not every job in entertainment will give you fame in return but it will help you in discovering the creativity inside you. If you once enter the entertainment industry, the people there will align you with different professionals so to discover all your hidden capabilities. In my next paragraphs, I am going to discuss top 10 jobs in entertainment. Let us discuss them one by one.

1Top 10 jobs in entertainment: Costume designer:

This is one of the entertainment careers that you can make with a particular skill-set. The jobs in entertainment industry look easy but they are yet difficult.  for this particular job you may or may not have a degree in fashion designing.  The only thing that you require is the creative mind that is really important to make any dress. As the costumes that the entertainment industry will look for will be a lot more different from the dresses we wear in the real life.  So a degree in fashion designing is required when you are making the dresses for such big stars. This is one of the entertainment jobs that you can opt for if you are interested to move in this field.


Singing requires lots of dedication and focus. A person can make singing as the part of their entertainment careers. A singer will only become successful when he has a natural talent and he is trained at the same time. Nowadays, it is very difficult to make a career in singing because the singing platforms are increasing and the number of trained singers are increasing. So this is not as a safe career as others are because singers are increasing to be very honest. But the list of top 10 jobs in entertainment is not over yet.


The next on my list of top 10 jobs in entertainment is a director. Direction does not require a particular qualification. So many of the directors hold their bachelor’s degree in English or in performing arts.  Directors require the quality of working in a team and also should have the talent of recruiting people.  Director is responsible for the cast and the crew of the film or a TV series. He also looks after the creativity of a particular production.  Director also works as a team with the writers, actors, and producers. So the actors as a mediator between the different group of people.  a director has the annual income of $80,000 per month. Being a director is one of my favorite entertainment career options.

4News reporter:

A news reporter is one of the best entertainment careers to choose.  A reporters job is difficult but at the same time, it is very interesting.  You know the latest news before time. You get the opportunity to present live reports and also recorded tapes. There are yet some difficulties that we have to cope up with. Especially the girls have to face so much difficulty while shooting at night and shooting a crime scene.  At the same time, you will get the chance to go to different-different locations. So everything has some good and some bad effects so have this reporting job. It is a great job out of the top 10 jobs in entertainment.

5Makeup artist:

This is a kind of job that will not give you much fame but it will help you to find a creative you. Makeup artist requires a lot of talent because it requires the art of hiding a person’s face defects. This can change a person’s appearance totally. So a very talented and creative person can do this job. Being a makeup artist requires a lot of art in a person.  This is one of the top 10 jobs in entertainment. It is also one of the best entertainment careers in the industry.

6Standup comedy:

This is sixth on my list of top 10 jobs in entertainment industry. Standup comedy requires a lot of hard work and dedication.  This is one of the most difficult entertainment careers. because one has to make other people laugh at his comedy without even smiling. Because most of the time when other people laugh the chances are that we will laugh as well.  The talent to control our laughter and smile really needs a lot of dedication, hard work and practice. Many people think that doing comedy is easy but it is not.  So this another great job that you can opt for in the entertainment industry.


I must say this is one of the difficult jobs in entertainment. This is one of the entertainment careers that you can think of opting. But you must think twice before making it as your permanent career. We always like movies with lots of fights and stunts but the people who are actually performing them have to face lots of difficulties while performing them. Most of the people also get injured. Some of the stunt’s man has also give lives while performing the stunts. This might be one of the risky entertainment careers to opt for.


If you have the talent of writing. You must try your luck on this job for sure. A writer needs a lot of dedication, imagination and hard work.  These three qualities make a complete writer. I am also a writer full time. I love my job very much. And if you have the same interest in me then you can absolutely start your career in this field. In the film industry, there is a lot of requirement of writers in writing scripts, in dialogue writing and many other things. This is one of the renowned jobs in entertainment. This is one of the best entertainment careers that you can look up to as a long-term career.


In this whole world, I think you will not find anybody that does not like the food. So as the people in the entertainment industry like the food. They often prefer healthy food options as compared to the oil food. So you can serve some of the healthy salads, snacks and for sure a complete healthy meal. Your food can be sold on the sets of a movie and also outside. This is one of the evergreen jobs in entertainment industry that will never stop once if your food becomes famous. One of the excellent entertainment careers to start with.


This is the last on the entertainment careers list but in this job, you get fame as well as money.  One of my favorite jobs in entertainment. From the very beginning of my life I always wanted to become an actor but due to some personal problems I was not able to achieve that goal and I diverted to this writing career.  Every day 50k to 60k people enter the film city Mumbai with the dream of becoming an actor. But hardly any of them are successful to achieve their goals.

This is not such an easy task to achieve because before becoming an actor people have to make so many sacrifices. And it is not always the case that your sacrifice will back pay so times all your efforts go in vain. So the dream to become is not always successful for all the people. The chance is mostly given to the people whose relatives are already in the film industry. And, the newcomers are not easily given chance. This is the bitter truth of the entertainment industry.  This should be actually the first on the list of top 10 jobs in entertainment. However, I want to discuss this in details so I discussed this at the end.


To conclude, you can make your career in any of the fields. There are many other jobs option in other fields. But if we talk about the entertainment field, these are some of the entertainment careers have a lot of scopes.

That is completely your choice to opt for any of the job options, the thing that should matter is your interest and if you have interest in cooking then you should make your career in cooking only. Do not distract yourself with any other career options.  This is was the top 10 jobs in entertainment. I hope you will find them helpful.

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