Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India

Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India
Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India

Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. Entrepreneurship in India in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and now is the time when business in the country has come a long way. There are countless Indian businesses that are on the list of Fortune 500. Indian entrepreneurs are reaching the new level of success through mastering their field. Businessmen in the country are playing a very significant role through uplifting the national economy.

They not only creating national jobs for the unemployed but also offering them a place to enhance their skills. They give a big appraisal to the employees so that they can also experience success and growth in their careers. The value of national entrepreneurs is massive. They are the ones who are helping the nation by competing in the global business market.

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Running the business is not everyone’s cup of tea but the country has seen so many influential entrepreneurs who are successful. The businessmen of the country very proudly hold the rank in the list of world’s richest people. We will be elaborating about the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India who are giving a new shape to the country in terms of business:

1Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India: Ratan Tata

He is one of top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. He is known as the most renowned entrepreneur across the globe. Mr. Ratan Tata was the chairman of Tata Group from the year 1991. There are other businesses within the group and they are Tata Motors, Tata Chemicals, and Tata Consultancy services. He has collaborated with several organizations that are within and outside the country. Also, he is one of the key personnel’s in trade council and Prime Minister’s Industry.

He is also the president of the Court of Indian Institute of Science. Mr. Tata is the trustee of Cornell University and South California University. JP Morgan Chase is one of the famous American international banks and he is on the advisory committee there. He has won Padma Vibhushan award in the year 2008. The youth of the nation is inspired by him and the country is going to experience talented entrepreneurs in the coming years. He is the person who completely altered the outlook of entrepreneurship.


Dhirubhai Ambani also was known as Dhirajal Hirachand Ambani and 12 successful entrepreneurs in India is the founder of reliance industry in Mumbai. Currently, the chairmen of the company are Mukesh and Anil Ambani who are his sons. It is because of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani struggle that Reliance is one of the profitable industries in the country. They own business all over the country in energy, retail, textiles, and natural resources. Other services of the reliance industry include telecommunications and petrochemicals.

These services are being owned by Mukesh Ambani, elder son of Dhirubhai Ambani. His second son, Anil Ambani took over the reliance reins which are entertainment, power, infrastructure, and telecom. The company has managed to earn the place in the list of Fortune 500. This company has enhanced the economy of the country in a very proficient manner.

3Narayana Murthy-Infosys

He is the founder of Infosys which is a global software consulting industry. The company is headquartered in Bangalore. Mr. Murthy has served as CEO of the company for around 21 years. It was his leadership qualities that the company has been listed on NASDAQ in the year 1999. He was listed among the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India according to the Fortune magazine in 2012. Also, he was also listed in the global business leaders in 2005. He has been renowned as the business pioneers in technology. Mr. Murthy is the only entrepreneur in the country who is the winner of Ernst and Young’s World Entrepreneur of the year. Appearing in the BusinessWeek is not an easy task but Mr. Murthy has managed to do it. He has also appeared in different magazines such as CNN, Fortune, Forbes, India Today and Financial Times.

4Azim H. Premji-Wipro

Azim H. Premji, another Indian business tycoon among the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India is the chairman of Wipro. He has been guiding the company for four decades and this is how it has emerged as the business leaders across the globe. Time Magazine has listed him twice among the 100 most influential people. He has 73% of the company and also the private equity fund. He is the second richest businessman in the country with the net worth of $ 19.5 billion.Also, he began the foundation named as Azim Premji Foundation that emphasizes on the Indian education.

5Lakshmi Mittal

He is one of the greatest instances of top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India because the success he achieved in his life is exceptional. He faced a lot of struggle and hassles in his early life. With the support of his father, he founded the steel industry named as Ispat Indo which led to earning great results. His entrepreneurship is remarkable because he acquired the companies that were facing huge losses like Trinidad and Tobago.

6Kotak Mahindra

He is again one of the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. Also, he is the amazing example of a young entrepreneur as he achieved so much success without any experience. He is the perfect inspiration for those who are trying to be successful as an entrepreneur. Also, he has founded the Kotak Mahindra Bank and it was nationalized by RBI in 2003. The main reason behind his success was that he used his name as a brand.

In 2003, he was awarded the youngest, “Entrepreneur of the year”. He also owns several other businesses as well such as Kotak Prime, Kotak Securities, Kotak Life Insurance and Kotak capital. Initially, he started his career in automobile finance and later on became the owner of FICOM, India’s retail online marketing networks. However, his journey was not smooth as he also had to face a lot of troubles. Mr. Kotak did not take must time to recover from the bad times and came up in the business world as a successful entrepreneur.

7 Pratap C. Reddy

Mr. Reddy is the most popular cardiologist and among the top 12 successful entrepreneurs also. He is the founder of Apollo hospital which further turned into the huge brand in the hospitals. This hospital is serving the patients in about 120 locations internationally. He is the one who modified the complete health management through launching the health treatment system.

He brought the big change in the private hospitals of the country. Also, he took the initiative and this is how the present medical system of the country has improved. He provided the assistance in terms of transferring the restrictions. Mr. Reddy also forced the federal government to take the decision on body transplants. Till now, he is working constantly towards the objective of improving the complete health system.

8Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani, another successful businessman among the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in the Indian business structure. He is the creator of Adani Group that specializes in various areas. These areas include coal mining, oils and gas, coal trading, power generation and the ports. To began, his career, he took the risk of diamond broking which proved to be very profitable for him. In very early stages, he became a millionaire and reached heights of success.

9Sridhar Vembu

He is the founder of Zoho Corporations, previously known as AdvetNet.Inc. The company was not very famous but with the growth of the network, he managed to obtain success. His business management qualities made him reach the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. He started from zero and now his company is giving a nice competition to the businesses like Microsoft, Google.

10Kumar Mangalam Birla

One of the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India is the chairman of Aditya Birla Group. He was inexperienced in the business world due to which he had to face criticism. He proved each of the person wrong who scolded him and become the richest businessman.

11Rahul Bajaj

He is among top 50 richest businesspeople and is in the list of top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. He is a well-known name in the industry of automobile. At present, he is the chairman of the company, Bajaj Automobiles. His entrepreneurship qualities landed him one of the riches and successful businessmen. The company is world’s fourth largest manufacturers of two-wheelers. He is awarded the Padma Bhushan award in 2003.

12Sunil Bharti Mittal

He is the founder of Bharti Group of Companies and is listed in the top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. He has obtained success through enhancing the telecom industry in the country. His journey was not easy but he overcame the fear of failures and reached expected success level.

When he began his career, he was entirely new to the business market and he entered when the business world was owned by Tata’s and Ambani’s. He did not let the obstacles come on his way. Also, he launched fax machines, wireless handsets, and accessories of telecom. He did not give up on him at any cost and managed to be the successful entrepreneurs of the country.


To conclude, the above is the list of Top 12 successful entrepreneurs in India. I hope you have enjoyed reading this above article.





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