Top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep

Top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep
Top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep

Top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep. Money is one of the important things that all of us require. There is no doubt about that. If you do not even have enough money for some of your basic needs that then there is luck that you will feel happy or content. The need of money is the thing that is making us wake up early morning and get ready to go to work.

Always there will be one place that we will want to visit or the things or the gadgets that we love the most. But we won’t buy because of insufficient bank balance. So, how to get that money for all the extra things that each one of us wants except the regular food, clothing and shelter.

The definition of passive income is the income that the individual receive without putting efforts. But the very truth is that the making passive income requires lot more efforts on the upfront and then maintaining it for months. This process might take a year but the result will be enjoyed for next plenty of year. And, after that too you will have to keep an eye on your income so you keep on getting the profits like that only. It is simply not an easy task to achieve. People might tell you so many things but it requires the most important investment which is not the money but it is the time.

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Now let us straight jump in top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep.

1Affiliate or referral marketing:

This is the way in which one business pays money to another business for driving sales for them. They pay you because of the efforts that you put in. One of the best way to earn money through affiliate marketing is Amazon associates. In order to earn money from this process you will have to to make an outbound link to Amazon through your website and if someone purchases something from your referral link then you will get money this way.

2Selling an electronic book:

Publishing and writing eBook is one of the most popular ways to earn income. Mostly the eBooks on non-fiction topics like business development, online marketing and career advice are the most successful one. The fiction eBooks are also successful one but at the competitive level is much higher than the non-fiction eBooks. Once you have completed writing an eBook you can put in on sale on the platforms like Apple’s iTunes Connect and Kindle Direct Publishing.

3Selling of an audiobook:

Audiobooks are much popular as compared to their text-based versions. If you have decided to make the audio version of the text eBook then you will require to put in some more effort as compared to the next one. However, this audio will skyrocket your income. The Amazon’s audible ACX platform will connect these authors with the producers that can turn this work into a professional high-quality audio.  The completed audiobooks are placed on sale on iTunes and audible.

4You can also create an online educational platform:

In the recent time, the online education is one of the media that most of the people prefer. Most of they like to use the online platforms like Udemy and Unacademy for learning about the specific fields. Whether it is online marketing, programming or photography these platform gives you the knowledge about each and everything.

5Selling out stocked photographs:

Another top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep. If you are the huge fan of clicking photographs then you can sell your art pieces to the stock-image websites like Alamy, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. The demand for the high-quality pictures has been increased with the increasing business competition. And, if find a niche like business photography or the landscape photography then you are even going to money in your sleep.

6Sell out your artworks and designs:

If you are an artist or a fresher in painting there are plenty of websites that will pay you out for sharing your artwork. The websites include Zazzle, Etsy and much more. These websites allow your designs to be added to the designs on phone cases, T-shirts, posters, mugs, a book–covers and much more. This is one of the best ways to generate passive income while sleeping.

7Building a website:

Another interesting idea to earn money while asleep is by building a classy website. Though the competition over the internet is so much still this is the most effective method to make passive income. All of the internets is filled with the blogs, entertaining stuff and games. Making such type of websites is not very difficult and are also very easy to promote as well. They attract most of the visitors on the social media, who spend most their time on social media. Once your website is attracting thousands of visitors a day you can register your website on the Google Adsense system to start making money with advertisement while you will be relaxing.

8Build your own application:

The last top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep. Building a website for an android, iPhone or a tablet requires technical skills. But it is one of the smartest ways that will pay you out passively. It doesn’t require to be so much complex. However, the application should be a problem solver and real entertainer for its users. And these two qualities will do just fine. And, you never ever know what makes you a popular face one day. A very good example of this is the game Flappy bird that was such a crazy thing to play. However, at one time the developer of that game was earning approximately $50,000 dollars per day though that was his income from the application advertisement. I know, that to hope for success like that way is foolish but a person can always wait for the best to happen.


To conclude, we have shared the top passive income ideas for earning money as you sleep. I hope you find this article helpful and interesting to read.


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