What is entrepreneurship?

What is entrepreneurship?
What is entrepreneurship?

What is entrepreneurship? Nowadays when the competition to get a great job is very tough. At the same time, people expect to get a good amount of salary on the top of it some of us also want to get a cool boss. This all sounds like a fairytale, isn’t it? Yes, absolutely. In some jobs, you will get a good boss but less salary, in some you will get an angry boss but salary is pretty much good. Everything cannot be happening at the same time. Sometimes it might be possible, sometimes it might not. But to overcome this a process was introduced called “EntrepreneurshiWhat is entrepreneurship?p”.

Now, what does this term “Entrepreneurship” says? It is the process in which the person tends to start a new business with some skills and with some business ideas in his mind in order to achieve his goal. It can also be defined as the ability to take a risk in order to start something new with a certain amount of money and expecting profit from it. Or in layman’s language “Entrepreneurship is the process of running your own business”.

This term has introduced another term that is “Entrepreneur”. Now, what is an entrepreneur? In simple English language, a person who runs his own business is called Entrepreneur.

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What are the things that you require for a startup?


A business idea or plan is the key to startup a new business. If you do not have the clarity about your business idea then I would suggest skipping this plan of entrepreneurship. Your business idea its advantages and disadvantages should clear in the early stages only.


This is another important point that should be kept in the mind that is the interest. Interest is the major factor that you should have in your work that you are going to start as an entrepreneur.  If you do not have interest in what you are going to do then chances are that you are not going to bear the pressure that you are going to face in your future. The more will be the chances that some day or the other your company will be no more. So be sure that what you are doing you find it interesting.


If you are trying to set up a new business what are the products you will be needing. What are the product’s market value and the availability? For example, if you are starting up an e-commerce website and you do not know the market from where your resources are going to be imported then you will be soon seeing your business sinking into the big ocean. So the availability of the goods that you are going to sell is the most import to startup a new business.


A team of people that will support you in your good or bad time is the most important. This is the decision that you will have to take with mindfulness. I want you to take this decision very wisely because this will decide what will your company’s future be. The team is the group of people that will support you in the bad time and that will help you grow up your business. So you should select the people that are very skillful, very loyal and honest towards your company. That will never ditch your company in future and on which you can fully trust.


The cost is the most important this that should be kept in mind before taking any step like entrepreneurship. You should have the idea of the total cost of the business that you are going to start. Also, there should be some backup that you should prepare for before a startup. Because in every new business there will be some loses and there will be some profits at the same time. So you should be prepared for both.

6Making the business official:

After all the above steps are taken the most important thing is to make your business official.  You can do this by deciding the business name, by selecting the business infrastructure, and by getting license, permits, copyrights and also by registering the business. This is one of the important steps to be taken. Because if you do not register you’re online then who knows in future your idea gets stolen before being public.

These are some of the things that should be done before starting a new business or before digging the field of entrepreneurship.

What is the need of starting a new business or become an entrepreneur?


The number one reason to become an entrepreneur or to take such a risk like entrepreneurship is that you know that you will not be dominated by anyone above you. You will be your own boss. Nowadays, as the companies are growing the population is also growing and the young generation does not have that power to tolerate the anger of their boss. So many of us would prefer entrepreneurship rather than being abused by someone.


You know what the profit that a company makes from its single employee is unimaginable. But the salary they are paying you are in pennies as compared to the profit that is made from you is in dollars. So by starting your own business, you will be getting all the profit that your company makes and there is nothing hidden from you in any manner.

What are possible startups that you can make?

Entertainment startup, Ecommerce startup, freelance startup and many more.


To conclude, entrepreneurship is not a bad thing to start. However, if the above points are kept in mind before a startup and your goals are clear in your mind, then nobody can stop your business from growing big. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult yet interesting task to perform. If you have that dedication to achieve something big in life without working under someone, then trust me entrepreneurship is the right choice for you.


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